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Welcome to Complete Health Systems

Complete Health Systems is Michigan’s finest choice for quality diagnostic testing. We specialize in providing excellent diagnostic testing services in the convenience of the physician’s office or at one of our stationary locations.  Our team of friendly, experienced staff offer dependable services, the latest technology, and timely accurate reports interpreted by board certified physicians.


Why More People Trust CHS

As an outpatient imaging center, our prices for exams are often much less, than prices charged by hospitals. Saving patients up to 50% on their diagnostic imaging needs. At CHS we are commited to giving patients the personal attention and respect they deserve in a convenient, clean, and comfortable setting. Every CHS staff member, from the front desk to our technologists and radiologists, make sure every patient receives a warm welcome, pleasant experience and compassionate care. Physicians have come to trust and rely on CHS for quick turnaround on reports – without sacrificing quality.


CHS Diagnostic Services 

CT Department
(w/contrast - w/out contrast - w/ and w/out contrast)

MRI Department

(w/contrast - w/out contrast - w/ and w/out contrast) 

  • MRI Brain (IAC, Pituitary)

  • MRI Orbits, Face & Neck


  • MRI Cervical Spine

  • MRI Thoracic Spine

  • MRI Lumbar Spine

  • MRI Chest

  • MRI Abdomen

  • MRCP

  • MRI Pelvis

  • MRI Extremities Joint (Upper & Lower)

  • MRI Extremities Non-Joint (Upper & Lower)

  • MRA Head

  • MRA Head / Neck

  • MRA Neck / Carotid 

  • MRA External Carotid Unilateral

  • MRA Abdomen

  • MRA Pelvis


  • EMG-Electromyography

  • NCV-Nerve Conduction Velocity

  • EEG- Electroencephalogram

CHS Sleep Diagnostic Center

Sleep Medicine Consultations
PSG (Polysomnogram) Sleep Study 
MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test)
CPAP Titration Study
MWT (Maintenance of Wakefulness Test)

Call Today!!

Complete Health Systems-Main Office Location

5084 Villa Linde Parkway  Suite 7  Flint, MI 48532

Office Phone Number: 810-720-3891  Office Fax Number: 810-720-3916

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